After 50 years of practice with excellence in hematopathology, and laboratory medicine, the idea of enhancing our scope of specialization rise up to involve the new emerging field in pathology which is the Molecular Pathology and Cytogenetic studies.
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Genetic Testing

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Genetic Diagnostic Center combines more than 50 years of practice with excellence in hematopathology, and laboratory medicine, with the most advanced and top notch instruments to make genetic testing affordable and accessible to everyone who can benefit from it.

Molecular Pathology and Cytogenetics are scientific disciplines that encompasses the development of molecular and genetic approaches to the diagnosis and classification of human diseases, the design and validation of predictive biomarkers for treatment response and disease progression, the susceptibility of individuals of different genetic constitution to develop disorder.

Genetic Diagnostic Center team includes pioneers in hematopathology, genetics medicine,  and genetic counseling, and is trusted by experts to provide the most comprehensive, reliable genetic screening and support available.

Genetic Diagnostic Center encompasses many specialized units including hematopathology, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry laboratories.

The Hematopathology Unit:

Hematopathology is the subspecialty of pathology involved in the diagnosis of hematologic disorders. We pride ourselves to have the most integrated hematopathology services in Egypt combing all the information from different diagnostic tools to provide the most accurate interpretation and diagnosis.

The hematopathology service performs examinations on peripheral blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes and other tissues under the direction of Dr. Mohamed Tarif.

The Cytogenetics Unit:

The Cytogenetics Laboratory at Genetic Diagnostic Center is a leader in the field of cytogenetics. Under the Directorship of Dr. Amany Hosny, the Cytogenic Laboratory team works closely to ensure that accurate, reliable results are available in a timely manner.

The Cytogenetics Laboratory provides comprehensive testing services in all types of chromosome studies, including congenital disorders, prenatal diagnosis, and hematologic/oncologic disorders. These studies include both traditional cytogenetics techniques, as well as molecular cytogenetics by FISH.

The Molecular Genetics Unit:

It provides expertise in DNA/molecular genetic testing for both congenital disorders hematology/oncology, cardiovascular and neuropathology in addition to virology. As well as, it is concerned with the evaluation and diagnosis of patients and families with inherited metabolic disease.

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory director is a leader in the field of genetic testing who continually strive to develop new test methods that improve patient care. In collaboration with laboratory technologists, supervisors and genetic counselors, they continually work to improve assays by increasing mutation detection rates and decreasing turnaround time.

The Flow Cytometry Unit:

This Laboratory offers state of the art diagnostic services based on the revolutionary “state-of-art” BD FACSCanto™ II 10 color flow cytometer ensuring unprecedented sensitivity of detection and ability to detect abnormal cells even from limited material such as CSF and other body fluids and fine needle aspirates.

Our flow cytometry laboratory services expands beyond the diagnosis of hematologic malignancies having diagnostic panels for immune deficiencies syndromes, red cell membrane studies and inherited platelets disorders.

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