After 50 years of practice with excellence in hematopathology, and laboratory medicine, the idea of enhancing our scope of specialization rise up to involve the new emerging field in pathology which is the Molecular Pathology and Cytogenetic studies.
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Dr. Ahmed Ihab

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Dr. Ahmed Ihab
Head of Molecular Unit
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Molecular Pathology

Dr. Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz obtained his Bachelor degree (MB.BCh) in Medicine & General Surgey from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He worked as a PhD fellow at the Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin and as a Fellow of the DFG Graduiertenkolleg at the Medical Faculty of the Humboldt University (Charite’), Berlin, Germany. He obtained his PhD in Molecular Medicine from the Charite’ University medicine (Humboldt University) in Berlin. Then he joined, Alberta, Canada and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Centre, University of Calgary Medical School. He returned to Egypt and he joined the German University in Cairo as an Assistant/Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine & Genetic Pathology and head of the Molecular Pathology Research Group (MPRG). Currently, Dr. Abdelaziz is an Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at the New Giza University in Cairo (NGU).

Specialty Head of Molecular Unit
Degrees Medical Doctorate Degree (M.D.) and PhD In Molecular Pathology and Human Genetics
Training Ain Shams University/Charite’ University, Berlin, Germany
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday